Use pseudocode when planning


I believe many of us do this, however, it’s a good reminder to self and well any visitor who’s looking at this page. Planning is incremental.

If God wills, you will be able to put your intuitions on “paper” so to speak, and from there, you can check it for errors.

Incidentally, this is what one of my philosophy teachers imparted to me when I was studying logic. Apparently, Aristotle, no less, did this, as he was developing logic. ⤵

(🤓 that last bit is like calling Tim Berners-Lee a “web developer”).

Over to Iheanyi Ekechukwu

Been coding for at least five years and I still write down a featurue’s pseudocode before actual implementation. Helps me notice edge cases at times and also think about how to polish / refine the feature.


Also very handy for configuration and API middleware tools like Zapier, integromat,, Microsoft Flow and others.

via Iheanyi Ekechukwu on Twitter

Photo by Lance Anderson on Unsplash