Alt tab tweak for Ubuntu


I like the Ubuntu OS. Of course there are headaches in setting some things up, that just comes with the territory. However, there are some tweaks that just make this OS too compelling. Here’s a simple want.

If you want GNOME to only show you apps from your current desktop, set

gsettings set current-workspace-only true
  • This is useful if you have multiple screens
  • For me anyway

If you want GNOME to show you apps from all of your desktops, set

gsettings set current-workspace-only false
  • This is useful in single screen environments
  • Hitting Alt + Tab now will allow you to access apps from other desktops

The benefit? When screen real estate is low, this ☝ setting, oddly, gives me more screen real estate in a fairly decluttered manner.

Seems tiny, I know. However, I’m grateful for the FOSS community that even makes this stuff possible.

Tip via coder wall.